Baked Cod Recipe With Lemon And Garlic

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This easy baked cod recipe takes just over 20 minutes to prepare, but there’s a reason it’s such a fan favorite! Delicate and perfectly tender cod sprinkled with bold Mediterranean spices and prepared with a delicious lemon garlic sauce.

Fish is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, so my family tries to eat it about twice a week.

Luckily, there are many ways to prepare a delicious seafood dinner. Sometimes I eat a large baked salmon, a hearty fish soup, or something else like spicy Moroccan fish.

But one of my favorite meals is this easy lemon baked cod! And it’s not for nothing that it’s the number 1 fish recipe on my site!

Why this cod recipe works?

Cod fillet is a beautiful fish, quick to prepare, tender and delicate in taste, so you can easily give it a distinctive taste!

This baked cod recipe infuses bold Mediterranean flavors with a delicious lemon garlic sauce and some warming spices including coriander, paprika and cumin.

The best thing about it? You can make this Lemon Baked Cod from start to finish in just over 20 minutes!

Can I use frozen cod fish in this recipe?

Fresh or frozen? This is one of the questions I get regularly about cooking fish. For high-quality wild fish, frozen is often a better option. Depending on where you live in the United States, the “fresh” fish you may find frozen at the fish counter was likely frozen and thawed before presentation.Frozen fish, on the other hand, is caught and frozen when it is extremely fresh and is often cheaper. If you can find a good quality frozen fish fillet (sometimes called a cod fillet), it will work for this baked cod recipe, but be sure to thaw it properly before using.

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