Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Whipped Shortbread Cookies


These classic Christmas Treats will truly liquefy in your mouth. Not as well sweet, made with 4 basic fixings which light as discuss surface will keep you coming to for more!

Lets get straight absent into how to bring these Occasion treats together.

Butter: We are utilizing room temperature mellowed butter. But we don’t need it over oily or we are gambling the treats to spread more at that point we’d like!
Confectioners’ Sugar: Powdered sugar makes a difference in making light finished shortbread.
Flour: Degree flour employing a kitchen scale or lighten the flour to begin with, degree out in measuring glass and clear it with a cut to level it off.
Cornstarch: Cornstarch makes the foremost light and puffy treats that you simply will ever know!
These are fair the least demanding treats to create! Fair watch out not to over degree your flour and cornstarch.And your treats will heat all puffy and light! To form Shortbread:

Beat Butter and confectioners’ sugar together for 3-4 minutes
Beat in filtered flour and cornstarch next:
Chill the dough
Make cookie mixture balls
Quickly chill within the cooler once more whereas you preheat the oven
Make a design utilizing fork: Discretionary but super cute!
Top with sprinkles and prepare at that point



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