Two-Step Pound Cake


This is an easy two step pound cutlet form. Pound cutlet is an periodic family tradition as a cate in our family. We always serve it with Peppermint Stick Ice cream and I’ve to say it’s the highlight of the vacation season! If you have noway tried the combination you MUST.

largely recommend Swan’s Peppermint Ice Cream as it’s my favorite brand, Edy’s also makes a good variety. Another great idea would be this Fresh Blueberry SauceBeating.

This two step pound cutlet is simply succulentPerfect for any vacation or festivity.

There’s a reason pound galettes have come synonymous with the South They ’re easy and oh- sogood. You wo n’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make this pleasurable cate that just so happens to double as a breakfast food. As long as you have a heavy– duty stage mixer with a 4- qt. coliseum and paddle attachment you ’ll be well on your way to a fantastic pound cutlet in record time.


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