to leave

flour 0 70 gr

water 70 g

fresh incentive 15 gr

for the dough

Manitoba flour 230g

Flour 0230 gr

Fresh whole milk 180 g

eggs 2

grained sugar 100 grams

softened adulation 60 g

decent bomb 1

vanilla excerpt 1 tsp

fine swab 8 g

To prepare the adulation cream

70 gm adulation

grained sugar 70 grams

For brushing and decoration

1 egg thralldom


soft sugar


Prepare a leaven by mixing the flour with the water in which you have dissolved the nectar’s incentiveDouble the volumealso add the remaining flour.

Also mix all the other constituents eggs, sugar and milk. Stir the dough, and when it has a smooth thicknessbegin to incorporate the softened adulation, a many pieces at a time, the swab, and eventually the seasonings.

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