Sweet Potato Out of This World


Sweet Potato Out of This World



LOVE roasted sweet potatoes. For me, it’s the stylish way to prepare one of the dainty veggies out there, glowing with a deep orange colordelicate texture and a rich agreeableness that’s hard to repel.

There are numerous effects you can do with sweet potatoes( and yams) can mash them, turn them into mistsbones and singe for salads and pasta dishes and further. They’re rich with fiber and beta carotene, so they do n’t only taste good but are healthy too.

Oz Telem’s Crispy baked sweet potatoes recipe






  • 5-6 medium size sweet potatoes (or yams)


  • 5-6 tablespoons olive oil


  • kosher salt to taste


  • 10-12 thyme sprigs (or rosemary, oregano or sage, and even dried herbs work) optional

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