How To Remove Pee and Sweat Stains From Your Mattress

Your mattress is exposed to the worst: sweat, saliva, dander, oil from your hair and skin, and various bodily fluids. Add in the allergens, dust, dust mites, indoor pollutants, and pet dander found in most homes, and your mattress is ready for cleaning.

Your mattress is not only an expensive purchase, but also plays an important role in maintaining your mental and physical health. Yet, most people give their mattress little love and never bother to clean it properly. But just like you wash your bedding regularly, your mattress also needs cleaning, but thankfully not as often.

But why should you use harsh chemicals or expensive commercially available cleaning products when cleaning mattresses? While it’s important to keep the space where you spend a third of your life clean and fresh, that doesn’t mean you should surround yourself with harsh and potentially irritating perfumes, cleaning products, or other chemicals. Instead, you can use natural methods and simple ingredients you probably already have at home to refresh and clean your mattress, remove

trendy stains, and leave your sleeping space smelling fresh and ready for your dreamy moments.

DIY guide to removing urine and sweat stains from your mattress.

Only 3 ingredients required.

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