Does anybody out there have any childhood recipes they still crave for? One of those dishes is chipped beef on toast, which is one of my favorites. I realize it’s not really elegant or good for my health, but I still like it.While growing up, my mama and father prepared it for us on a regular base, and it has remained one of my each– time favorite breakfasts.

For the simple reason that it’s not healthy for any of us, I only cook this dish once a year, typically on my birthday. For this year’s celebration of my father’s 80th birthday, I created it today. Even though I wish Dad could have been present to share it with us, he was pleased that I had prepared it in his honor. It tasted fantastic, as it always does, and we all devoured it. Breakfast would have been much better if I had had it with my father, but that didn’t happen.

It’s easy to rehydrate dried beef with this creamy, gravy-like white sauce, and adding a sprinkle of black pepper to this simple recipe adds a little depth of flavor. Although many people like to serve creamed chipped beef over thick, golden pieces of Texas toast, the dish may alternatively be served over warm buttermilk biscuits (see recipe below). Many people remember it as a breakfast dish from their childhood, but we believe it’s a wonderful weekend meal to have on hand every now and again. What a meal that transports us back in time!




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