This is the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten

Try this easy-to-make blender recipe for Rice Balls and immerse yourself in Japanese cuisine! These adorable, bite-sized snacks are a breeze to make and taste great. No matter your level of familiarity with Japanese cuisine, these rice balls will quickly become a go-to appetizer or snack. Come along as we delve into the art of crafting these mouth-watering sweets, providing you with frequently asked questions, culinary notes, variants, and even modifications for keto and low-carb diets. Enter the realm of gastronomic delight with me!
Two cups of cooked sushi rice
1/3 cup rice vinegar
1/4 cup of sugar
one teaspoon of salt
Seaweed sheets from Nori, optionally sliced into strips for wrapping
Get the rice ready: Follow the package directions to cook the sushi rice until it is soft. After the rice is done, place it in a big bowl and stir to combine.
Rice Vinegar: In a small basin, dissolve the sugar and salt by mixing with the rice vinegar. When the rice is done cooking, pour the mixture over it and stir gently with a spatula or rice paddle until everything is combined.
To mix the rice, add the seasoned rice to a food processor or blender. To make the rice somewhat sticky and able to keep its shape when squeezed between your fingers, pulse it several times. You want the rice to have some texture, so be cautious not to puree it too much.
To make rice balls, wet your hands slightly and scoop out a tiny amount of the mixed rice. Roll it between your palms. Keep your hands wet to avoid sticking as you repeat this procedure until you’ve used up all the rice.
Not required: Seaweed Wrap: A piece of nori may be used to encase each rice ball, giving them an extra visual and taste boost. Arrange the rice ball on top of a nori strip in your hand. Carefully wrap the nori around the rice, securing it with a dab of water if necessary.
Present and Savor: Put the rice balls on a serving dish and serve them hot for a delicious appetizer or snack. Another option is to refrigerate them in an airtight container until you’re ready to eat them.
Preparation Remarks and Adjustments:
Adding Fillings: To really amp up the taste of your rice balls, get creative and stuff them with things like cooked salmon, tuna, avocado, or pickled veggies.

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