I have no idea why this dish is named Mississippi Roast, but if I could rename it, it would be “the finest roast you’ve ever tasted in your whole life.” No matter what you call it, you have to get this done as soon as possible! Five basic ingredients, no preparation required, and one hundred percent satiety from both the meal and the leftovers!

This Mississippi Roast recipe is one of our favorite dinners to put together throughout the week when we have run out of ideas and/or simply want a lot of leftovers so that we don’t have to worry about the dreaded question, “what’s for dinner?” every single night.

This is a basic recipe for pot roast that only requires five ingredients and is really simple to make. Putting a roast in a slow cooker, pouring some ingredients on top of it, and then setting it and forgetting about it are essentially the only steps involved.

While I’m at work, there are days when I forget that we have supper waiting for us at home until I go through the entryway and am greeted by the aroma of cooked food. It has an intoxicating effect!

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