Guava cake



1. In the blender, place the eggs, milk, adulation and sugar;

2. Beat until it’s enough delicate;

3. In a coliseumplace the wheat flour, sifted, and pour this admixture over it;

4. Mix well, with the help of a line whisk( fouet), until it’s veritably homogeneous;

5. Add the baking greasepaint and blend until well concerted;

6. also pour half of that mass into a oiled and infarcted shape

7. Cut the guava paste into small cellsdip them in wheat flour and place half of them over the dough

8. also pour the rest of the dough, place the rest of the cells;

9. Take to singe in preheated roaster, 180ºC, for about 40 twinkles or until golden.


To make the beating, in a medium saucepan, add the guava paste cut into cells and the water or wine. Take to medium roaster and cook until the guava melts( roughly 10 twinkles).

OBS It’s necessary to pass the guava cells in the wheat flour, so that they don’t go down to the bottom of the earth.

Don’t sink the cells, they will fall naturally as the cutlet bakes.

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