Do nothing cake

When a friend brought this Do Nothing cake to church dinner, everyone insisted they get the recipe. So moist and delicious. This is really a cake that does nothing, unless you go back walking across the street to the neighbor to borrow the sugar! very funny! So simple, delicious and moist! Now I have to cut some to take to the neighbors before they’re gone. I love the way the icing penetrates the cake and makes it very moist. I punched holes in the cake so it could be soaked in easily.


°2 cups of sugar

°2 cups flour°2 eggs°1 teaspoon of baking soda°1 teaspoon vanilla°16 ounces pureed pineapple, undrained+icing:°1/2 cup of butter°1 cup of sugar°3/4 cup evaporated milk°1 cup of coconut°1 cup of nuts°1 teaspoon vanilla

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