Apple Pie Bars – Easier Than Apple Pie! – Don’t Lose It.

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3 lbs apples or about 4 medium apples( fete , braeburn, golden succulent, pink lady, etc), hulled, cored and cut into1/4 inch slices

teaspoon fresh bomb juice

soupspoons granulated sugar

ladles ground cinnamon

tablespoon lately grated nutmeg

soupspoons unsalted adulation

tablespoon cornstarch


Preheat the roaster to 375 degreesPrepare anon-stick 8 × 8 square baking visage by lining it with diploma paper cut 8 elevation wide but long enough to hang over two edges of the visage. This will make removing the bars from the visage veritably easy!

For the crust, using a stage mixer fitted with the paddle attachment or a hand mixerplace adulation, sugars and vanilla in the coliseum and beat on medium speed for 2 twinkles, or until lightened in color and delicateWhisk together flour, kosher swab, cinnamon and walnuts and sluggishly add to the adulation– sugar admixture, with the mixer on low speedBeat until just combinedsmatter two- thirds of the dough into set baking visage and press down smoothly so that it covers the bottom and1/2 inch up the sides. Reserve the remaining1/3 dough for beating. Refrigerate visage for 20 twinkles and also remove from fridge and singe for 18 to 20 twinkles, until the crust is golden brown. Set away to cool.

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